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Quality of care begins and ends with each provider-to-provider engagement. Coordination of Care is the only method to a true delivery of care. While we are mindful you and your patients have a “choice” when choosing a specialist, we hope to earn your relationship by validation. We strive to provide patients with the resources they would need to make well-informed decisions in their cardiovascular care and/or treatments. Our delivery model is a conservative approach. Although we pride ourselves on our advanced technology and overall skillsets, it is our priority to insure we operate from a position of necessity versus skill.

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Symptoms & Conditions We Treat

Chest Pain R07.89
Syncope R55
Murmur R01.1
Abnormal EKG R94.31
Dyspnea R06.00
Palpitations R00.2
Fatigue R53.83
Edema R60.0
Weakness/Malaise R53.1

Headaches R51.9
Vertigo/Dizziness R42
Short of Breath R06.02
Swollen Legs R22.43
Leg Pain M79.606
Numbness (Face/Arm/Legs) R20.2
Coronary Disease I25.10
Heart Failure I50.9
Bradycardia R00.1

Tachycardia R00.0
Vascular Disease I73.9
Abnormal Stress R94.36
Hypertension I10
Lipid Disorder E78.9
Metabolic Syndrome E88.81
Diabetes Mellitus E11.9
Venous Insufficiency I87.2

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