‘Ohana Cardiology Mission Statement

At ‘Ohana Cardiology our vision is to offer individualized, humanistic, complementary, cost-effective, and guideline-driven cardiovascular care to our patients. ‘Ohana means family and that is precisely how we see the bond between our providers, staff, patients, and their family members. A family is a network of relationships where the members recognize and consider the life experiences and perspectives of others, and that is how we individualize our care for our patients. Bidirectional communication is key to the creation and successful maintenance of any relationship which is why we listen closely and take time to educate our patients as well as their families. Our patients are more than just an anonymous numeric code in a computerized health record system, they are human beings.

While we strive to individualize care, we also pride ourselves on our cost-effectiveness, remaining cognizant of patient participation in managed care plans, securing advanced authorizations prior to testing when applicable, and staying abreast of the current guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Cardiology, as well as new, and impactful recent advances in cardiovascular and medical science.

We invite you to evaluate the friendliness, efficiency and professionalism of our staff and the quality of care rendered by our providers. Mahalo.

Our Patients Love Us - but don’t take our word for it, take theirs!
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